Road Conditions

This page is activated at times when snow and ice conditions affect South Carolina highways. Conditions are updated by SCDOT personnel in each district around the clock several times a day as conditions warrant. If viewing conditions by County, conditions are listed for Interstates (I) and primary roads (US, SC), which are first to be cleared during inclement winter weather. While you will not see information for specific secondary roads (S), you can usually assume that they will not be better, and most likely will be worse, than conditions on Interstates and primary roads. SCDOT will do everything possible to make sure you have the latest available information.

Smart Ride Project
To Receive Information Concerning Weather-related Delays/Cancellations for Smart Ride, please call:
Camden/Lugoff Smart Ride: (803) 934-0396, ext 128
Newberry Smart Ride: (803) 924-1180

To find winter weather road conditions use the County or Interstate selection box or simply click on a County or Interstate on the searchable map.

Remember to buckle up and drive safely!