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Project Information - SC 41 Bridge over Wando River
Project Identification Number: 0032098X
Project Length: 0.32 miles
Project Location: From 4000 ft N of Wando River To 4000' S of Wando River
Project Description: N/A
Estimated Total Project Cost as of December 2014 $58,573,000.00
Commission District: Improvements to SC 41 including replacement of the existing movable bridge over Wando River.
Commission Approval Date: September 19, 2007

Preliminary Engineering
Begin: Autumn 2010
Complete: Summer 2013
Right Of Way
Begin: Spring 2011
Complete: Summer 2013
Begin: Autumn 2015
Complete: Winter 2021-22

Contact Information
Program Manager: Brent Rewis
Phone Number: (803) 737-7903
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 191, Columbia, SC 29201